Church History: Why Does Church History Even Matter?

Why does it matter if Christians know the history of their faith? Well, imagine trying to sustain a marriage with total amnesia, never fully aware of all the past experiences that you and your spouse have shared. Sure, it’s possible […]

History: An Eyewitness Memory from the Second World War

June 6, 2014

Whenever I meander a museum, I look for living history. I look for people who may have been alive during the time period that’s on display, and I try to listen. I want to know not only what’s on the […]

Church History: Why the Story of Our Faith Is Bigger and Better Than Facts and Dates

The following is the second half of an interview I did with Baptist Press related to my book and DVD-curriculum, Christian History Made Easy. Click here for the first half. Q: Why is the average person in the pew largely uninformed about church […]

Church History: Why Should Anyone Care About Church History?

The following is part of an interview I did with Baptist Press related to my book and DVD-curriculum, Christian History Made Easy. Professor Timothy Paul Jones acknowledges that plenty of people view the study of history as boring–full of drab facts […]

Church History: How Christianity Happened

Easter is certainly a time for celebration, but it is also a time for solemn reflection. We fast and reflect during the season of Lent, then we celebrate the joy of the resurrection on Easter sunday. But what about after […]

Church History: The Legacy of William Wilberforce

March 25th marks the anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in Great Britain. In 1807 the British Parliament passed the Slave Trade Act, eradicating the inhumane export of African slaves throughout the Empire. About 25 years following that, […]

Church History: An Interview with Tom Nettles on the Prince of Preachers

On January 31, 1892, Charles Haddon Spurgeon passed from this life. More than a century later, he remains one of the most widely-read preachers ever. In Living By Revealed Truth, Dr. Tom Nettles distills more than a decade of his […]

Family Ministry: Family Discipleship in the Middle Ages and Reformation

With the dawning of imperial favor in the early fourth century and the crumbling of the Roman Empire in the fifth, the primary locus of Christian practice drifted from homes to dedicated institutional structures. Especially in the early Middle Ages, […]