Family Ministry: Providing Parents with a Bigger Vision for Their Children’s Lives

August 27, 2014

One of the most important aspects of family ministry, especially in the early stages, is providing the parents a vision for something bigger and better than what they’re doing now. The fact is that most parents are living in a […]

Family Ministry: The First Step Toward Launching Your Church’s Family Ministry

Strangely enough, the hardest first step toward family-equipping ministry for most churches is not an organizational step. The hardest step and the first step, when a church catches the vision for family ministry, is to draw the staff together to […]

PROOF: Who Invented the TULIP? (Part 3)

Did you miss Parts 1 and 2 of “Who Invented the TULIP?”  Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. Where Did McAfee Find His Points in the First Place? Others have explored the origins of TULIP as […]

PROOF: Who Invented the TULIP? (Part 2)

Did you miss Part 1 of “Who Invented the TULIP?”  Click here to read it. Tiptoeing through (the History of) the TULIP The earliest name clearly connected to the TULIP seems to be Cleland Boyd McAfee. Born in Missouri in […]

PROOF: Who Invented the TULIP? (Part 1)

Chances are, if you’ve ever heard of the “five points of Calvinism,” you heard them first in the form of a flower—a tulip, to be exact. If your earliest awareness of these points was anything like mine, it began with […]

Family Ministry: How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Way We Teach Our Children

To have a biblical worldview is to interpret every aspect of our lives—including our relationships with children—within the framework of God’s story. At the center of God’s story stands this singular act: In Jesus Christ, God personally intersected human history […]

Leadership: Three Crucial Priorities for Shepherd Leaders

A couple of years ago, an individual who thought he might be called to pastoral ministry informed me, “I love to teach, and I want to preach—but I can’t stand people.” He went on to describe his dream position: to […]

Family Ministry: Learning to Do Less So That Parents Can Do More

Parents in your ministry don’t have time to disciple their children—or, at least, that’s the way many of them feel when they look at their weekly to-do lists. According to recent research in the field of family ministry, half of […]

Church History: Why Does Church History Even Matter?

Why does it matter if Christians know the history of their faith? Well, imagine trying to sustain a marriage with total amnesia, never fully aware of all the past experiences that you and your spouse have shared. Sure, it’s possible […]

Family Ministry: In Praise of Inefficiency

I saw something beautiful the other day while walking down Breckenridge Lane. In a front yard not far from my home, a young mother was removing a layer of leftover leaves from the fall in preparation for planting spring flowers—an […]