Apologetics: How the New Testament Epistles Were Written

How the New Testament Epistles Were Written It was in the mid-first century that the earliest writings about Jesus Christ started to circulate in the churches. The authors of these early epistles were apostles—Christ-commissioned eyewitnesses of the resurrection. The purpose […]

Apologetics: How Did the Bible Begin?

September 28, 2015

Have you ever wondered how the Bible got started in the first place? That is one of the many questions I address in my new book How We Got the Bible. See the excerpt below from chapter two, “How Did the […]

Apologetics: What’s So Special about the Bible?

September 23, 2015

Perhaps at one point or another, you have found yourself gazing down at a leather bound copy of a large book with small print titled The Holy Bible and asking the question, “Why did God decide to leave me with […]

Practical Family Ministry: A Book I’m Not Embarrassed to Beg You to Buy

September 21, 2015

You may have noticed that I have a new book out that I co-edited with my colleague Dr. John David Trentham. In Practical Family Ministry, we’ve brought together several practitioners to provide you with a plethora of practical ideas to strengthen your […]

Family Ministry: Three Truths and Three Tips for Engaging with Families in Your Church

September 16, 2015

The animated feature The Incredibles is a favorite movie in our household—and one of our favorite scenes is the family meal early in the film. Dinner at the Parr household has deteriorated into pandemonium. The infant squeals in delight at […]

Family Ministry: D6 Conference in Louisville

This week, I will be speaking at one of my favorite conferences in the world: the D6 Conference here in Louisville! The D6 Conference brings together thousands of pastors, family ministers, and ministry volunteers for three days of family ministry training. The […]

Apologetics: An Interview about How the Bible Came to Be

September 14, 2015

Ivan Mesa, an editor for The Gospel Coalition, recently had a conversation with Timothy Paul Jones about how we got—and why we should trust—God’s Word, the topic of his recent book How We Got the Bible. At the bottom of this post, click […]

Church History: Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, and the Word of God for Every Person

In 1415, a church council gathered in the city of Constance. One of the items on their agenda was a heresy trial. In addition to ending a decades-long multiplicity of popes, the Council of Constance concluded that two particular priests […]

Church History: Father’s Day without a Father and the Unsung Stanzas of Amazing Grace

June 22, 2015

Today, for the fourth year, I experience Father’s Day as a father but without a living father. My father passed away in the late summer of 2011. As far back as I can remember, his favorite hymn was “Amazing Grace.” I […]

Apologetics: A New Teaching Series on How We Got the Bible

A few weeks from now, Rose Publishing will release a new book and video series entitled How We Got the Bible. The topic of the book and video series is—you guessed it!—how we got the Bible. (Click here for a quick […]